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At Misa Bargains Ltd, We started by working and learning about the tissue manufacturing market in 2001 then selling tissues on eBay at a good deal. These are our roots and what inspired us to expand and create Misa Bargains LTD in 2012, to offer great prices to a larger market such as Amazon and our website. We also learned how we can be the best wholesalers to a wide range of audiences, over 10 years of experience, including everyday consumers and businesses.

We now operate from an improved and sizeable warehouse holding a variety of brands and now branching out to a wider market. We put all our efforts in doing what is best for the customer in terms of prices, quality and quantity, we do it ALL! The system we hold now is something we as a team are incredibly proud of.

Great quality and service is our main goal when supplying to customers and find giving time to this helps create a better community as well as working to offer the best price possible. We look at helping those around us in the United Kingdom by sourcing our products locally and sell a broad range of items wanting to be a one stop shop for all, saving you time and money. We are selling items such as tissues, cleaning products, household products, health and beauty, toys etc; all at competitive prices.